Following recent government guidance and to help support the attempt to flatten the curve, to limit the spread of Covid-19, we have come to the decision to temporarily close the practice.

We believe this is the right thing to do for the greater good, putting social responsibility before profit and greed.

However, as a healthcare provider, we are aware of our responsibility towards our clients. As such we are still on hand to offer advice and support and to take care of any urgent or emergency care you may require. If we cannot help you ourselves, then we will give you appropriate advice.

In extreme circumstances we will try to offer one-on-one visits to the practice where our clients require our service for repairs and replacement of lost or damaged eyewear, contact lenses or urgent eye care issues. But please be understanding that availability of visits may be limited and restricted to certain times and the most deserving of attention, these will almost certainly require us to make special journeys to the practice.

For anyone that has purchased eyewear recently, if you haven't already heard from us, we will still be visiting the practice to accept deliveries, assemble and check eyewear and make arrangements to get them to you. Where possible we will deliver them to you, although for some of you an in store visit may be better. We will contact you as appropriate.

For our contact lens clients, many of you have already heard from us and your lenses have been ordered and will be delivered to you. If you need lenses, then please contact us. At present there are no significant issues with supply.

Keep in touch

During these difficult times we still want to be here for you. I have set up a home office where I have full access to our database, ordering platforms, email and phone lines. If you have any urgent needs please get in contact. Can I ask that you email [email protected] as your first point of contact. For those unable to email you can reach us through Facebook, Twitter or by phone on 02380 865 493.

Finally, I want you to know that we will be back, better and stronger than ever before and excited to welcome you back to the practice sooner rather than later. If I find the time, and can escape the house, we may even take the opportunity to have a little makeover!

Please share this message around so that we can reach as many of our clients as possible.

Wishing all of you good health.

Nick Clapham