By now you will have realised that we are different to other local opticians. You're looking for a highly personalised eye care and eyewear styling experience resulting in eyewear that gives you great vision, and that you're happy and comfortable in. You're looking for the right fit for you.

We will show you unique, high quality eyewear to get excited about. We don't carry generic, mass-market brands, covered in logos and branding and an inflated price tag.

Our qualified ophthalmic and dispensing opticians are here to guide you through all aspects of your eye care journey.

Our personalised eye care service takes a tailored approach, making finding great glasses hassle-free and enjoyable.


Eye Examination

During your examination you will have plenty of time to ask questions and explore any aspects of your needs that you feel require special attention. We will thoroughly check, your vision and eye health with state-of-the-art equipment. Carefully establishing your prescription with one of our senior optometrists is just the start. Following your eye exam, your optometrist will discuss the results with one of our dispensing opticians. This important step ensures that all aspects of your visual needs are taken into consideration when selecting your eyewear.

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Eyewear Consultation

No matter how good an eye exam is, there is more to clear vision than numbers on a piece of paper. During your eyewear consultation, our dispensing opticians will take over from the optometrist and further explore your options. As trained eyewear stylists, your dispensing optician will work to gain a deeper understanding of what you want and need, based on your lifestyle, prescription, personality, facial features and colouring. We will then make personalised recommendations to help you achieve the best comfort, vision and style from your new eyewear.

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Eyewear Selection

We create a personal selection of eyewear tailored for your lifestyle and personality, no more staring a wall of frames! You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your drink while we do all the hard work. We have a superb collection of high quality, unique and niche eyewear from around the world. As experts in frame styling, we will guide you to discover eyewear that you love to wear and look great in. We ensure your new eyewear fits correctly, is comfortable to wear, suits the shape of your face and is appropriate for your prescription and correction requirements.

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Eyewear Collection

Your new eyewear will take around two weeks to complete. On collection, we will check the fit and make any small adjustments to make sure they are fitting comfortably and securely, exactly as you prefer. We will also perform some basic vision checks and ensure the lenses are performing to your expectations.

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Collecting your new eyewear is just the beginning, our care and commitment is ongoing. We offer extensive warranties and guarantees on all of our premium eyewear, as standard. If you ever require further service, from minor adjustments and repairs to more major accidental damage, we will work to resolve things as quickly as possible.

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