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Price range £350

FACE À FACE creates beautiful eyewear that is unlike most other brands that you will have seen. The design team works to create eyewear with contrasts of colour and materials, that are like unique pieces of art. The result is an alluring and surprising collection, filled with elaborate shapes and magical colours and designs that have become a true trademark of the brand. But despite the initial reaction many people have to the style, the frames are highly wearable and flattering, thanks to an understanding of how a frame should fit to enhance the wearer's natural features.

From design conception, prototyping and throughout the manufacturing process, everything is overseen in-house, in exclusive facilities in France and Italy. This level of control and an obsessive attention to detail ensures the very best quality. Despite advances in technology changing the way things are done, many steps of the manufacturing of this collection are still performed using traditional techniques that are normally forgotten in a world of mass-produced eyewear. To this day each beautiful frame is still genuinely made by hand.

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Price range £325 - £350

Gotti was founded in 1993 by designer Sven Gotti and is a wonderful collection of award winning premium titanium and hand-polished acetate eyewear, designed in Switzerland and produced in Japan, Germany and Austria. Gotti believes that it takes time to combine traditional craftsmanship and industrial innovation at the highest level.

Like all the best brands, Gotti looks to Japan for the production of their titanium frames, beautifully crafted over several months and comprising over 195 steps to complete. Their acetate eyewear is created in Germany and Austria, by leading manufacturers that work exclusively for Gotti. Every acetate frame takes up to 250 steps to complete, with every piece being hand-polished by one of four craftswomen for the most luxurious look and feel!

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Price range £300

Nestled in the picturesque, Italian Alpine town of Agordo, Blackin have been making high quality eyewear since the company was founded by Maria Pramaor in 1971. At a time when most frames were made from ordinary metal or plastic, Maria set out to create something different from their competitors and pioneer the use of titanium, known for it ultra-lightweight, durable and flexible properties.

Everything Blackfin creates is conceived and produced in Italy. A Blackfin model is unique because of how it is made; each one is the fruit of the technical expertise and the creative vocation of generations of men and women dedicated to producing a work of art. A Blackfin model starts life as a concept, which then becomes a sketch, eventually being transformed into a prototype. On the way there are technical tests, colour-matching experiments and endless adjustments until we arrive at an object that is both technically and aesthetically superb.

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Price range £275

SALT. is a premium eyewear brand from coastal California, committed to high quality construction and timeless design, inspired by the effortless beauty of nature Since it’s founding in 2006, SALT. has always sought to create products that capture the casual elegance of the Californian lifestyle, while appreciating that good design means more than just style, it means creating the perfect fit too. Through every step of the process, from inspiration, to materials and construction, SALT. believe that eyewear should not only look great, but fit perfectly too.

SALT offers a combination of high quality materials, handcrafted construction and an rivalled understanding on fit and comfort, resulting in a piece of eyewear that you will love to wear. Add to that a great range of unique, but easy-to-wear colours and shapes that are created to perfectly compliment facial features and you really can’t go wrong. SALT. also bring a high level of exclusivity, only being available from a few select independent opticians.

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Price range £200

Lool Eyewear is the end result of a collaboration of minds with a common goal. A project that was born trying to create the best screw less hinge. Once this was goal was realised their turned their focus on designing and producing creative frames that are functional and lightweight.

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Price range £175 - £200

Etnia Barcelona was created in 2001 by David Pellicer, with the idea of being the most creative and colourful brand in the optical industry, with an emphasis on the unique design of its colours that stood as a stark contrast the most other eyewear that were predominantly made using dark shades.

Etnia Barcelona was founded on a desire to make eyewear more than just a functional tool. They wanted to create an instrument for expression somewhere between fashion and art, by using eyewear to dress up the face of the wearer. They quickly realised that this would only be possible by partnering with the very best manufacturers to create unique colours and patterns for their natural acetate frames, giving the Etnia range a completely distinctive look and feel. The result is a collection of unique styles, manufactured in over 500 beautiful colours to a very high standard of quality.

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Price range £120 - £140

Wolf Eyewear is a family run, independent, British company created by Ian and Margaret Wolfenden in 2009. With over 50 years experience in the optical industry the Wolfenden’s set out to create an eyewear collection exclusively for independent opticians that encapsulated their passion for frame design and quality at an affordable price.

The design of the collection comes from a passion for innovation and an ethos that life should be fun, with a love of colour playfully reflected in their creations. Wolf believe that while eyewear is a small part of your ‘wardrobe’, it is the first thing people see when they look at you and use this as inspiration, combined with modern designs and fashionable colours that perfectly cater for the UK style. They pay attention to shades of colour and designs that works for the majority of face shapes.

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Price range £110 - £150

The main strength of the ECO range is it environmental and sustainable credentials. All of the metal glasses are manufactured using recycled stainless steel and their Biobased, ‘plastic’ collection is predominantly made from vegetable castor seed oil. As proof of their eco-friendly nature, ECO frames are UL Environment validated.

Apart from the environmentally friendly nature of the range, ECO frames are lightweight and comprise an array of fantastic colours, shapes and sizes. Another strong feature of the collection is the availability of a polarised, magnetic sun shade that is designed to blend seamlessly with the frame, making ECO eyewear the perfect choice for those looking for a clear and tinted solution without the need of a separate pair of sunglasses.

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