More to it than meets the eye...

For some, an eye test is a means to an end, a quick check so that they can sell you some glasses. But at Clapham Optical we know that an eye exam does more than just determine if you can see well, it is a vital assessment of your vision, visual needs and of your overall health.

For this reason, at Clapham Optical your enhanced eye exam will last at least 40 minutes, with all aspects conducted by a senior optometrist. The average sight test in the UK last only 20 minutes, but we take our time so that you will never feel rushed. As part of our enhanced eye examination we will thoroughly assess your vision and eye health, using state of the art equipment and discuss the result with you so that you are confident the greatest care has been taken of your most precious of senses.

If glasses are needed, you will be advised on the lenses that will suit your vision and lifestyle best as part of our complimentary eyewear consultation with a senior dispensing optician.

M'eyecare - Complete Care from just £7.00 per month

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Enhanced Eyecare as standard

Retinal photography and OCT scans are included as standard during your enhanced eye exam. This technology gives your optometrist an unbeatable view of the internal structures of your eye, allowing for a more in-depth assessment of your eye health.

By having regular enhanced eye examinations, we are able to build up a more complete understanding of your eye health and monitor changes over time. This allows for the detection of several eye conditions years before traditional techniques can, and often before symptoms arise.

Benefits of Enhanced Eyecare

How Much Does it Cost?

Our enhanced eye exam fee is £50 and is available to all. For those eligible, the NHS optical services fee is deducted, bringing the cost down to just £27.86.

For complete care, peace of mind and value for money many of our clients have chosen to join M'EyeCare, our exclusive care plan. For just £7 per month you have access to enhanced eye care as standard and many other great benefits.

M'eyecare - Complete Care from just £7.00 per month

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NHS Sight Test

For those that are eligible we offer an NHS Sight Test. This is a 25-minute appointment with an optometrist that covers the essential aspects of eye care, including refraction and manual examination of the internal and external eye, as well as pressure readings and field of vision examination, as clinically required.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of clinical care and for this reason we recommend booking for our Enhanced Eye Examination. This gives all clients more time with the optometrist and access to our most thorough examination, using state-of-the-art equipment. NHS funding is not adequate to fully cover the cost, but the normal private fee of £50 is reduced to just £27.86 or just £6* per month by joining our care plan.

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To find out if you are eligible for NHS funded optical services please visit the NHS Website.

*Usually £7 per month without NHS funded eye care


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Our Equipment


A high resolution, non-invasive, 3D-imaging tool, allowing for detailed examination of the interior structures of the eye and diagnosis of various ocular diseases.


Allows for quick, high accuracy refraction, easier prescription comparison, Clear Vision Range check and night mode that allows us to examine night-time visual acuity.


4-in-1 diagnostic tool allowing simultaneous measurement of your prescription, ocular pressure, corneal thickness and curvature.


A bio-microscope that allows for close examination of the front of the eye, especially the cornea, and interior structures, including the retina and optic nerve head.


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