Love is in the air at Clapham Optical this month, and not just for our fantastic frames.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we are all getting in the spirit. We asked our team which of their favourite celebrities they felt looked better when they wear glasses, here’s what they said.

Elayne, Receptionist

Gary Oldman

I love Gary Oldman’s choice of designer eyewear. Simple and unfussy styles, with a bold and distinctive edge have always really suited him.

Laura, Optometrist

Jeff Goldblum

For me it’s Jeff Goldblum. He has a pretty unique sense of style generally and his fashion eyewear is always fantastic. I love the heavy, black styles he usually wears.

Nick, Owner and Eyewear Stylist

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is a real eyewear icon. She wears so lots of different styles and always looks great. She’s not afraid to mix things up with bold and distinctive styles that really draw your attention.

Liz, Eyewear Stylist

Elton John

Where do you start with Elton John? Here’s a guy that’s not afraid to embrace the dramatic when it comes to his designer eyewear and it’s such a big part of his personality. We should all be a little more Elton with our eyewear!

Rachel, Optometrist

Prue Leith

I've always liked Prue Leith's choose of designer frames, she's never one to shy away from a bit of colour. Her glasses always seem like a great reflection of her personality.

So that’s what we all think, but what about you? Maybe you could let us know on Facebook or Twitter which of your favourite actors or pop stars look better with glasses on.

Remember, If you’re not in love with your glasses, and you feel they could be doing a lot more for your appearance, why not pop into Clapham Optical at the next opportunity. Our friendly staff will always be on hand to help you find fabulous frames, and make you fall in love with wearing glasses again. Get in touch today!

The Clapham Team