At Clapham Optical we are delighted to finally bring this award winning range of premium titanium and hand-polished acetate eyewear to our shelves. Our mission is to bring together a collection of some of the world’s finest niche, independent eyewear brands and there are few that epitomise this more than Götti.

“Design begins in the mind and comes from the heart”

Sven Götti

Götti embodies Swissness. The range of eyewear, designed in Switzerland by the companies eponymous owner, Sven Götti, follows his principles of minimalism. They are timeless, functional and well thought out in every detail; combining innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship at the highest level of quality. Fashion eyewear is all too often bland and unoriginal, with similar styles being copied and finished by having different brand logos applied. All of our niche, independent ranges, such as Gotti, have their own style and uniqueness, allowing you to express your own.

Sven Götti sums this up nicely…

“All my glasses are designed by myself in Switzerland. For the traditional materials such as titanium and acetate we work together with the best manufacturers in Japan, Germany and Austria. From every single design I have to be convinced that the quality is right. Götti stands for pure, straightforward design. As always, reflections on modernity, function, lightness and fit run into the designs.”

Not all eyewear is born equal. Big designer brands can never match the passion for perfection that drives the people behind most independent eyewear designers. Discover a little more about Götti and what makes them so special…

Titanium Production

For over 20 years Götti’s titanium eyewear as been produced in Japan. Japan is widely regarded as the best place for titanium production due to a passion for quality and precision. The use of pure titanium results in beautifully crafted eyewear that are lightweight, ultra strong, hypo-allergenic and resistant to corrosion. Each frame requires months of expert craftsmanship, comprising over 195 steps to complete and resulting in pieces that are simply stunning.

Acetate Production

Götti’s acetate eyewear is all produced in Germany and Austria, by leading manufacturers that work exclusively for Götti. It takes 200 - 250 steps to complete every frame, culminating with each piece being hand-polished by one of only four highly talented craftswomen: Barbara, Ludmilla, Renate and Waltraud. The result is a look and feel that is unmistakably Götti. They are so proud of their craft that Barbara and her colleagues place their name on every frame they complete.

I highly recommend that you come and see the Götti collection for yourself, it is simply not possible to do it justice with words alone! The look and feel of the entire collection is like nothing else and there are few eyewear brands that we have longed to work in partnership with like Götti. As one of only two stockists in Hampshire, the collection offers a level of exclusivity that traditional designer eyewear ranges can never afford. I can’t wait to start showing the collection to our clients and seeing what everyone thinks.