One of our goals is to bring together a collection of some of the world’s finest niche, independent eyewear brands to give you an alternative to the usual 'designer' brands that you'll find in most opticians. We have a really strong selection already, but the time had come for something a little more...extravagant! Something bold and colourful, a range of eyewear with real character. We are delighted to introduce FACE À FACE from France.

The Story

FACE À FACE is a French brand whose eyewear is created to reflect originality, creativity, modernity, attractiveness and boldness. Founded in 1995 by designers Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth, FACE À FACE was conceived with a simple mission: to design eyewear which will reveal the wearer's personality.

FACE À FACE creates beautiful eyewear that is unlike most other brands that you will have seen. The design team has worked boldly in creating eyewear with contrasts of colour and materials, that are like unique pieces of art – not leaving a single detail to chance. And the result is an alluring and surprising collection filled with elaborate shapes and magical colours and designs that have become a true trademark of the brand. But despite the initial reaction many people have to the style, the frames are highly wearable and flattering, thanks to an understanding of how a frame should fit to enhance the wearer's natural features.

From design conception, prototyping and throughout the whole manufacturing process, everything is overseen in-house, in exclusive facilities in France and Italy. This level of control and a an obsessive attention to detail ensures the very best quality. Despite advances in technology changing the way many things are done, many steps of the manufacturing of this collection are still performed using traditional techniques that are normally forgotten in a world of mass-produced glasses. To this day each beautiful frame is still genuinely made by hand.

BOCCA Collection

Bocca is a sub-collection within the FACE À FACE range, Bocca is not just a collection of seductive designs, it's for those of you who like to add an extra twist to their look. The end of each temple is shaped like a stiletto, a stocking or a boot - in a very sophisticated and elegant manner, and only discreetly visible. Bocca is the perfect choice for those of you with a twinkle in your eye, and who want to add a little extra style, charm and humour to your day.

I highly recommend that you come and see the FACE À FACE collection for yourself, it is simply not possible to do it justice with words alone! The look and feel of the entire collection is like nothing else and there are few eyewear brands that we have longed to work in partnership with quite like FACE À FACE. As the only stockist of this brand in Southampton, the collection offers a level of exclusivity that traditional designer eyewear ranges can never afford. I can’t wait to start showing the collection to our clients and seeing what everyone thinks.