One of our goals is to bring together a collection of some of the world’s finest niche, independent eyewear brands to give you an alternative to the usual 'designer' brands that you'll find everywhere. Most opticians don't work like this, preferring to take the easy route and stocking brands everyone knows and wears. We take the time to research the market and discover standout collections for our client's to enjoy. The latest addition to our shelves is Blackfin eyewear from the truly stunning Dolomites region of the Italian Alps.

The Story

Blackfin has it's roots as far back as 1971 when Maria Pramaor started her own eyewear company in Agordo, Italy, after years working in the industry. At this time the majority of frames were made from acetate plastics and ordinary metals, very few people had thought of working with titanium. However, Maria saw the potential of this ultra lightweight, strong, durable and hypoallergenic material and set out to create something different, travelling to Japan to accumulate the know-how to work with this material.

A Blackfin frame is the result of hundreds of processes, still conceived and produced in Italy to this day. Every frame is manufactured using the best, and most expensive, raw Japanese titanium, from certified producers guaranteeing the purest and most perfect raw material. This, combined with Blackfin's decades of experience working with this material, ensures the creation of top quality eyewear.

Lightness and Strength

The titanium used in all Blackfin frames is as tough as steel but weighs 40% less! It is twice as strong as aluminium.

Amazing Natural Colours

Blackfin frames are available in a remarkable range of colours, created by hand in Italy with obsessive precision and world-famous artisan skills.

Ultra-Flexibility and Ultra Precision

The properties of a Blackfin frame are not merely details, but represent a true concentration of technical expertise. The temples of each frame are cut from a sheet of beta-titanium only 5 tenths of a millimetre thick, a material even more highly prized and flexible than pure titanium. These reduced dimensions guarantee perfect adaptability to the human face.

Inimitably Unique

A Blackfin frame is not only unique for the way it is made, but also for being original. The inner part of each frame is engraved with a unique code and an individual serial number to guarantee its origin and authenticity. Further personalisation is also possible in that the frame can be engraved with the wearer’s name, an acronym or a special marking to make the frame even more special and to set it apart from the others.

I highly recommend that you come and see the Blackfin collection for yourself, it is simply not possible to do it justice with words alone! Blackfin is ideal for those looking for high quality eyewear that offers comfort, style and a touch of exclusivity. As the only stockist of this brand in Southampton, the collection offers a level of exclusivity that traditional designer eyewear ranges can never afford.